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    MAYRA – The Philosophy Of DUBLIN ESCORT

    I love to show people around Dublin. Dublin is such a great city for a reason. You could live here for years and only scratch the surface of exploring the city. Even when I’m not working, I will go out and explore Dublin, looking for new and fun, exciting things to do the next time I’m out on a date. Some men I go out with really know the city. Some are from here, but a lot are from other parts of the country. It amazes me how many are first-timers to Dublin. They don’t expect the city to be so youthful and friendly. They just think Dublin is cold, and we get tons of snow. It is cold, but I live downtown in the city, so the snow is not bad at all. Even if it does snow, you can walk out of your apartment to the local pub and enjoy the snowy afternoon with friends. It’s really fun and I love it when we do get snow. Summer is great too. I hit the lake with my girlfriends and spend the day on the beach so many weekends. You will see volleyball games all over the beach. Bikers and roller bladders are always zooming by too. Now that is a great workout for any Dublin escort. Several of my friends have boats and hanging out in the Sea is pretty great. We will spend the day chilling on the lake and then come into shore and go have the most amazing meal at so many Dublin restaurants. The city really has so much to offer. You don’t need to have a beach house or go away for the summer. Dublin is a city you don’t have to leave, unlike a lot of others. Every season here is great and very eventful. I know I have quite a figure. It’s okay. I wouldn’t be doing this escort job if I was shy about that. And I know that the men I go out with are looking. I certainly know that the men who see us out are looking. When I wear something that shows off my boobs, a tight sweater or a blouse with a generous cleavage, I know that I’m going for a specific effect. And I enjoy how it affects men who see me and are turned on by me. No woman wants to think of herself as undesirable. Knowing you can turn a man on, and that his eyes are following you, hoping to drink in the sight of you before you’ve gone, is wonderful for your self-esteem. There’s another advantage that my figure comes with, though, since I’m also petite. Good things come in petite, sexy packages, yes, and sometimes… they dress to answer your fetishes.
    Biking is something I feel very strongly about. I love to bike. I love to feel my body moving, feel the sweat pouring down my body and clinging to my curves. Furthermore, I like to feel my feet pumping beneath me. I guess you could say I’m addicted to the rush of chemicals that happens when you get that bikers high when you’re just kind of floating along on air, and you’re off in your own little world. There have been times when I’ve thought about entering a tour, or just spending even more time biking than I normally do, in order to get and keep that feeling of euphoria. I live for that. I enjoy it very much. And I think the quest for that feeling, whether it’s through exercise or through something else, is what motivates all people. We all run around through life looking for something. We don’t always know what that something is. But I think at its least complex, it’s a feeling of well-being, a feeling of happiness. That happiness is what drives us all. That search for happiness, that quest for something that satisfies us, is the heart of all human drives, and it’s the reason that men seek out beautiful female escorts. ❤ Dublin escorts and sexy call girls for you. ❤ Check out the hottest female escorts, porn stars, fashion models and celebrity escorts in Dublin! You could say, that I’m in the business of selling happiness. A man enjoys getting to know me, getting close to me, and being seen with me. Men naturally enjoy beauty and being close to it. So they gravitate to me, Dublin’s premier upscale escort, because I like their attention, I’m happy to see them attracted to me and I love the flattery of them wanting to get close. This is the reason we all do what we do. This is the reason we get up in the morning. ❤️❤❤ Escorts | Escort Agency | Escorts Ireland | Dublin | Ireland ❤️❤❤


    Age: 24

    Height: 1.68 m

    Weight: 58 kg

    Measurements: 34D-26-35

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