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    Lina is stunning with porcelain skin. Lina has a gentle, loving nature and once you meet her she will drive all your fantasies wild.

    Hi guys, thanks for reading up on me.
    I am a crazy, passionate animal lover who lives for my babies. In my spare time, I enjoy walking my dogs in the dog park, meeting up with all their furry friends. I will dress them in their adorable t-shirts or sweaters and off we go. There are special sections at the dog park for large dogs and smaller ones. I am in a small area as my guys are around 10-12 pounds. So many people bring their dogs and stand around chit-chatting while they run around like bad kids playing and barking their heads off. It’s very funny to watch the dogs. I can sit there forever and let them amuse me. I just love it, and it is a stress reliever for me. Not only that, but I highly suggest it for all dog owner, and it will help your dog become more social. Escorts | Escort Agency | Escorts Ireland | Dublin | Ireland. I love animals because I love innocence. I think the only truly innocent beings in the world are animals because they can’t trick you or be anything they’re not. The difference between animals and people is that people have to be taught everything. You have some instincts, sure. You know that you want sex, that you won’t love, that you want food and sleep. Furthermore, you know you are uncomfortable when you’re cold, and you know how terrible it feels to be tired. But unless someone teaches you how, you’ll never know about how to go get these things yourself. And while animals do teach their young certain skills, such as when a mother bird teaches its baby birds how to fly, animals are creatures of instinct. They are driven by this just the facts kind of approach to life. This is how you know they can’t trick you or try to be anything they’re not. You get what you see, and what you see is what you get. I think that’s why we love animals, whether it’s dogs or cats or some other pet. It’s why we come to love them like part of our own families. Escorts Dublin – Escort Dublin. Dublin Escorts – Dublin Escort… We provide only the best Escorts in Ireland if you are looking for an Escort Agency we are the leading Escorts company we are based in Dublin, Ireland. ??? ??? Dublin Escorts – Dublin Escort ❤️❤❤
    I think if more of us were like animals, we would all be better off as people. I think we should put aside all our politics and our games and our lies. Think about how wonderful dating would be if people could just be direct and honest with each other and say what they feel. You go out to a club, and you see a beautiful woman there. You approach her. She looks you up and down. The two of you appraise each other and then maybe even get close, close enough to touch, close enough to smell her perfume. What if we lived in a world where you could just say to that beautiful woman, Wow, I think you’re really sexy. Do you think I’m attracted to it? If I promise to treat you right, would you come home with me? No strings attached. Imagine if you could not only say those things, but you could expect to hear them back, and the two of you, just right then and there, could come to an agreement on where things were going to go. That kind of honesty would benefit us all. We’d all waste a lot less time. We’d all be a lot happier. I think that’s the kind of world I’d like to live in, sometime in the future. Who knows? Maybe a world like that is still a possibility. Maybe it could happen.
    Kisses, Lina ???


    Age: 27

    Height: 1.69 m

    Weight: 54 kg

    Measurements: 34B-26-34 {Natural}

    1 h €250

    2 h €400

    3h €500

    all night €1200

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