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About the escort girl

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I have a heart-warming smile and a winning heart not to mention some eye catching curves. I am tall, and lean with a nice butt and good perky breasts. My skin is soft as silk as I am always creaming myself. You’ll be glad you to stay in with me and keep me all to yourself. I consider herself a sensual person that likes to take things slow. You’ll build up to the big moment and I will be careful to attend to your every desire. It will surprise you when I hit every sensual spot. While I don’t have a problem going out, t quiet evenings tantalite me, and I love being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and connect with you on a deeper level. The hotel suites at these glamourous Dublin hotels are to die for. Some of these suites give me chills. They are stunning and you never have to leave the suite. The bathrooms are large enough for a party and the tubs can hold 4 at least, and I know this for certain! ??? Camilla is loving, beautiful, and feminine. ???

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I think one of the things I do really well is listen to men and learn how to please them. I think too few men today get the respect they deserve, and that makes me really sympathetic to what men need. I think we live in a society where men simply don’t get the kind of respect that they should be afforded. The average man faces so much stress in his life. He has an ungrateful family, he works a stressful job. His boss probably treats him poorly. He’s never really had the kind of stress relieve he deserves. That bothers me a lot. I love to see a man taken care of and treated properly. I hate to see him treated in a way that doesn’t help him. It’s just not the way men deserve to be taken care of, not the way I look at it. An evening with me will help you put this behind you for a few hours. You deserve it. ❤ Escorts Dublin – Escort Dublin
One of the first things I always try to accomplish is make it clear to him that I’m there for you and you alone. I need you to know that you can count on my discretion. I’m not going to say anything to anyone I shouldn’t. All your secrets, all your confidences, are safe with me. That’s part of the advantage of dating a Dublin escort. Once you know you can relax and be yourself with me, it all gets easier from there. I will let you know that I’m ready to put you first. You already made a wise decision in choosing to go with an escort. Dublin is a big, fun city and I’m going to help you take it on. That’s the value I offer you. Call me today and lets get together soon. ❤ Escorts | Escort Agency | Escorts Ireland | Dublin | Ireland
Camilla ???

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Age: 23

Height: 1.69

Weight: 55

Measurements: 34C

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